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Release of Multi-Site, Single Check-Out Event Promotion Purchasing

By December 15, 2022 January 6th, 2023 No Comments

Focus on new revenue tools for publishers continues


With its more recent feature release, CitySpark continues its focus on providing publishers with features to generate increased digital revenue from local events.  Event promoters can now purchase promotions for their event on any or all of a publisher’s sites at the same time in a single check-out.

Historically event promoters have had to go directly to each website that they wished to be promoted on.  The convenience of the new feature, as well as the increased awareness of the options available, is already driving new revenue for publishers utilizing CitySpark’s local event platform, and making it a favorite among event promoters as well.

Publishers have full control to set the variable pricing by site, as well as determine which (if any) of their publications should be listed as promotion options on each of their sites’ event promotion pages.

To learn more about this functionality, whether you are already using the CitySpark platform, or might consider doing so in the future, please reach out to your existing CitySpark account contact, or send your request to