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Redesigned Platform Driving Increased Revenue for Publishers

By July 13, 2022 No Comments

Redesigned Platform Driving Increased Revenue for Publishers


In June, CitySpark released its completely redesigned and rebuilt-from-the-ground-up event platform utilizing the latest technologies and a beautifully-designed user interface.  Check it out here.  The development team spent over a year on the project and the results are already clear—it is driving increased revenue for the publishers using it.

There are numerous direct and indirect impacts on event promotions and revenue included in the new design:

  • Featured event space at the top of the calendar (dedicated to paid featured events) was visually optimized and increased by more than 300%
  • Display ads can now be auto-generated by the system for the buyer (in addition to uploaded)
  • Premium events on desktop can now run as interstitials (as they always will on mobile), as an alternative to the sidebar option
  • Clear promotion options and landing pages for advertisers with and without events
  • Dynamic pricing options on allowing buyers to select from among many higher cost options
  • Augmented promotion descriptions, comparisons, and previews, giving buyers more information to make decisions
  • Reimagined single-page checkout with new communication interface
  • Enhanced and enlarged dedicated calendar sponsorship area
  • New “hotlink” bar with promotional sales opportunities
  • Unlimited custom publisher promotions can be added, each tied to its own inventory, pricing, instructions and fulfillment

CitySpark will continue rolling the new design out to existing publishers through the summer, while launching all new publications on the new platform.  Contact sales@cityspark to learn more or to explore how CitySpark can improve monetization of your local event offering.